Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pet Adoption Tuesday - Meet Dakota

Most of you know that my blog is usually all about me. But last weekend I went with my daddies to a pet adoption event and met a lot of sad puppies that I would like to help out. Every Tuesday, I will highlight a doggie that needs a home. Not just any home but a GREAT home (about half as good as mine which is really good).

Today, I would like you all to meet Dakota. He's an adult husky, but don't ask if he's from UCONN (he hates that). If you'd like to know more info about Dakota, click here.


  1. What a great idea, Jackson! We are looking for a second doggie. Maybe we will find one here.

  2. Love this idea Jackson, hope you will help lots of pups find their forever homes!

  3. That's the master plan! Sad to see good pups without a home.

  4. Jackie, you're truly altruistic! Love this idea and we will spread the word at the dog park.
    Love and licks, your posse