Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6, 2013 - Adoption Friday - Meet Chester (the dog my Dad walked and didn't tell me about!)

This is Chester.  I found this picture on my Dad's phone.  Apparently it was taken when he and Chester we're out for a walk together.  Imagine my shock and dismay.  And he thought he could hide it from me.

Hee hee.  Just kidding.  This is Chester, and my Dad did take him for a walk, but as part of his new volunteer gig at the Amanda Foundation in Beverly Hills.  Chester is just one of the adorable pups the Amanda Foundation takes care of and finds home for.  Apparently Chester was super happy to be on a walk, they don't get to go out nearly as much as I do.  BUT, he would get to take a bunch of walks if you adopted him!!  Click here for more info on Chester.


Go get him!



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